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Super Street

✓    2023 Super Street Rules

Changes will be underlined

ELIGIBLE MODELS: Any American made sedan type automobile manufactured from 1960- 1998. Cars must be listed as having a minimum body length of 180 inches and a wheelbase of 102 inches. But can not be below the 100 inch wheelbase limit. NO CONVERTIBLES.

1. Stock or stock appearing aftermarket bodies allowed. Up-dating or back-dating body is permitted. Hood and roof may be OEM or fiberglass. A diagonal bar from right rear of halo to left front of halo is mandatory. Homemade body panels may be aluminum.
2. You can use a truck body on a legal Super Street Chassis. GM body on GM chassis, etc. Wheel base must match car chassis used. NO TRUCK FRAMES !!!!!!! NO Aluminum or Steel Bumpers. MUST USE AFTERMARKET NOSES FRONT. Max. spoiler 8 inches of material measured from deck lid. Spoilers cannot exceed 70".
3. Sheet metal floor pans allowed. Passenger side may be removed. Interior may be boxed in. Aluminum body panels allowed.
4. Firewall must be 20 gauge steel or aluminum from side to side. Firewall required between fuel cell and drivers compartment, must be side-to-side of body and sealed completely. No tunnels through interior.
5. All glass and sharp objects must be removed from inside and outside of body.
6. All cars must have a minimum of 3 3/8″ metal posts in front of driver and securely mounted.
7. Inner fender wells may be removed.
8. Hoods and trunks must be securely fastened at all times while car is on racetrack.
9. Hood scoops permitted. Maximum height is four (4) inches. Must be closed in front.
10. Front and rear wrecker hook-up chains MANDATORY.
11. A maximum of 8 inches of material may be used on rear spoiler. Maximum length of ends is 18 inches. No higher than rear spoiler. Aluminum, steel, lexan and OEM type allowed. Maximum width is 70". May run center braces; maximum of 18". Not to exceed 8" tall.
12. Rear of car may be open!

1. Racing springs allowed. Screw jacks allowed. Adjustable cups allowed in front springs. May run heims and swedged tube tie rods. Stock type aftermarket center link ok. No cutting, welding or altering of any steering linkage. Steering boxes and linkage may be up-dated or back-dated. GM parts on GM, etc. Aftermarket power steering pumps allowed.
2. Front upper shock holes may be altered for shock to cup alignment. Shock claim rule any front $80.00 each, any rear $125.00 each. You can claim up to 5 minutes after main event and money is given to tech man. Must be written down in protest area, you buy shock "as is".
3. **** Stock production lower control arms of any manufacturer allowed. Any tubular lower control arm also allowed. Lower control arm mounts CANNOT be altered.****Upper control arm mount may be re-located. OEM spindles. Tubular uppers allowed. Stock spindles only!
4. Solid bushings, lowering blocks, adjustable lowering blocks, multi-hole shackles permitted.
5. Sliders on rear of leaf spring only. Front leaf spring mount must be in stock location.
6. Any size stock sway bar. Sway bar mounts may not be modified.
7. OEM FRAME AND SUSPENSION ONLY!! Frames may be reinforced and uni-bodies may tie front and rear framework together. NO reinforcements shall effect suspension movement. Stock clip/tube cars allowed.
8. OEM appearing bumper required. Bumpers must be in stock appearing location and may be reinforced from behind. Reinforcement can not extend forward of bumper face or extend past sides of car. NO sharp or open ends permitted.

1. No adjustable shocks. Any location. NO coil overs, no remotely adjustable shocks, no canister shocks. May run one 90/10 upper rear.

1. Headers allowed. Any exhaust exiting side of car may not exceed 1/2" past body panel

1. Brinn or Bert transmissions allowed. 3 or 4 speed stock type may run clutch pack.
2. Any OEM steel rear end housing permitted. May cross manufactures lines. Any gear ratio permitted. Gears may be welded. Spools are permitted. 9″ floater OK.

1. Any steel flywheel.
2. May run clutch pack.

1. Crate engine GM 602 may run in Chevy or Ford. Must be sealed with GM cap seals or CRUSA seals. May run triple disk no smaller than 6" and a minimum weight of 10lbs. Minimum weight is 2900lbs. Holley 650 HP#80541-1. Spacer 1" max.
2. GM crate 604 may run in Chevy or Ford. Must be sealed with GM cap seals or CRUSA seals. Single disk clutch only. Clutch, pressure plate and flywheel must weigh 30lbs without bolts. Minimum weight is 3200lbs. Holley 650 HP#80541-1 Spacer 1" max.
3. Engine must appear strictly stock for that make and model. #1 spark plug can be even with ball joints.
4. No limit on cubic inches. Over 368 cubic inches or stroked engine: add 100 lbs. Must be posted on hood!
5. Cast iron block and heads only. 350 Vortec OK. No over 300 HP head. No porting or polishing head or matching gaskets at runner opening. PBM Head allowed. Part #: 176970A/167970A. Dart 200 heads allowed.
6. Maximum over-bore .060 with .015 allowed for wear.
7. Flat top or dished pistons only. NO part of piston is to be above the deck of the block under normal stroking action at TDC.
8. Any steel rod. Rods may be balanced. Aftermarket rod bolts permitted.
9. Screw in studs and guide plates are permitted. Poly locks are allowed.
10. 3-angle valve job permitted, no larger then 1.94 intake / 1.50 exhaust. 2.02 intake / 1.60 exhaust ADD 50 LBS
11. Roller rocker arms allowed. No shaft mounted rockers allowed except in Chrysler.
12. Any fan, any radiator and any pulley.
13. Any 750 double pumper.
14. Any single 4 barrel aluminum or Cast Iron Intake. NO porting, polishing or gasket matching. May drill heads to suite intake used for mounting purposes.
15. Aftermarket crankshaft ok. NO knife edge. NO grinding or drilling except for balancing only. Stoke must be within .015″ (+ -). Must weigh 49lbs.
16. Any flat tappet cam. No rollers. Stock type lifters. No oversized lifters.
17. Adapter plate of a maximum of 1″ between intake and carburetor, including gaskets.
18. Double valve spring allowed.
19. NO electric fuel pumps.
20. Any oil pan. No dry sump.

1. Four wheel disc brakes ok. Aftermarket pedals allowed. Adjustable brakes allowed. Single piston calipers only; steel or aluminum ok; caliper must be mounted on stock brackets.
2. May run right front brake cut off. Must have all components in the right place and in working order.

1. Steel wheels only. 8″ or 10″ width. 5/8′ inch diameter studs mandatory.
2. Spacer or adapters permitted. One half (1/2) inch maximum. One (1) per wheel.
3. Must have all studs and nuts installed at all times and nuts must be tight. If wheel comes off due to lost lug nuts, the car is disqualified for the remainder of the program.
1. Stock chassis- 2900 lbs. Stock clip/tube car- 3000 lbs. GM 602 SEALED crate- 2900lbs any shassis. GM 604 SEALED crate- 3000lbs
2. Add 100 lbs if over 368 c.i. or stroked
3. Weight must be posted on right side of hood. If no weight is posted car will be weighted at 3400 lbs (no questions asked). Track reserves the right to add weight to the class to make it competitive.
4. 25lb weight break for full containment seat or HANS device. Either 1 or both will only count for 25lbs.

1. 2.02 intake valves 1.60 exhaust valves add 50 lbs
2. Weight Penalty may be imposed for minor carburetor infractions.
3. Weight placement will be determined by track.
4. Wide 5 hubs; add 50lbs.
5. 4 speed with reverse, 3rd and 4th only; add 25lbs
6. Any crank under 49lbs must add 50lbs infront of firewall.

Frames and Suspension:
1. Speedway replacement spindles allowed Part # 91034501 complete assy, 91034502 spindle only
2. no traction control devices of ANY kind.
1. Hoosiers H500 or American Racer AR500.
2. Cutting and grooving ALLOWED.
3. Tire Protest: NO TIRE TREATMENTS ALLOWED!!! EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2019. Protest fee: $125 per tire. Tire protest must be paid to the scale official within 5 minutes of the completion of the feature. Samples will be impounded and sent off the following Monday morning. Track will take and handle all samples! EFFECTIVE AFTER MAY 1, 2019
4. Tires are subject to change at anytime. THERE ARE TO BE NO TIRES LEFT AT TRACK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

****NO back protesting****NO back protesting****

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