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Blue Collar Enduro Rules

SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY! If we do not deem your car safe, you will load up and will not be allowed to race! I would rather have you mad at me instead of allowing you to get hurt on the track!

1. ALL vehicles must have a MINIMUM of a 2 point cage (rollover hoop) behind the driver. Must go from floor pan to roof on both sides of car and have a bar from side to side in middle of the hoop. A 4 point cage is HIGHLY recommended. No bars past front firewall. No bars past rear strut towers. Must be mounted on steel plate, welded completely and bent correctly! No joints or kinks in your tubing! ZERO tolerance on safety. I would rather you be mad at me for making you load up then risk you getting hurt!

2. Complete stock body must be retained. NO FULL SIZED TRUCKS OR SUV'S. NO cutting, chopping, channeling, or shortening. ALL chrome, plastic, and glass must be removed. (Windshield and dash,OEM bumpers/grilles are OK to leave in/on car).Dash may be replaced with sheet metal. Steering column must remain stock but may use quick release steering wheel. Hood pins may be used to hold hood in place.

3. Suspension must be completely stock for the make and model. NO racing shocks or air shocks. All front and rear springs must match model of car and each other with respect to wire size and height.

4. Engine must be strictly stock for make and model and in its original mounts. Repaired engine parts must be approved before competition. NO high performance engines or special order parts. Engines may not be bored over .030. Must be stock replacement low compression piston. Pistons must be at least .009” in block. Heads cannot vary more than 4 cc’s from stock. NO angle milling. Carburetor must be a stock 2 or 4 barrel ONLY. Fuel injected cars can compete in this event. Cam must be stock lift for model with at least 18” vacuum at 1000 RPM. Optional equipment: engine fan, air breathers, Ford solenoid. Aluminum radiator OK. Can be aftermarket or racing type radiator. Fan shroud can be made from aluminum.

5. Exhaust must be stock cast iron. NO center dump manifolds. NO X pipes, NO H pipes. Straight exhaust pipes.

6. Transmission must be stock and available in that model. Straight drives must have stock type clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, and flywheel. Automatics may have cooler mounted in driver’s compartment.

7. All wheel drives or 4 wheel drives allowed. No full sized trucks!

8. Rear end must be stock for make and model. Stock replacement axles ONLY.

9. Tires: Any series street legal DOT tires. NO truck, mud grips, hi-performance, directional, special order, snow, trick gumball, fancy or exotic tires of any kind. NO right side (Passenger) flats during race!

10. Wheels must be stock steel, alum or may run aftermarket Nomad spoke wheels. (Wagon wheel style) 7” max. Large 1” lugnuts may be used.

11. Battery may be moved to back of car and securely mounted.

12. Must have rollover hoop! 4 point roll cage recommended but not required. NO bars may pass through firewall front or rear.

13. Fuel cell recommended but not required. (22 gal. Max.) Hole in trunk may have 3” clearance cut around cell. Must have steel fire wall filling all holes where back seat was located.

14. NO lead or any type of weight may be added to car.

15. If car didn’t come with it you can’t run it. So don’t ask.

16. All Sumter Speedway Speedway safety requirements apply to this division, fire extinguisher, seat belts, and some type of window netting. Doors must be either welded or chained shut. **MUST HAVE COMPLETE FIRE SUIT**

17. Raceceiver is MANDATORY

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